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Automated builds, timelines for all my repos are empty

I don’t even know where to start. All my CI/CD infrastructure just gone with few years of automated builds.

– Repos and tags are there, but all automated builds and timelines are empty, like I never built anything.

– I’m still able to pull :latest images, but it won’t build new ones.

– “Recent builds” reads:

Recent builds
Repository never built. [Click here]  to set up builds.

– I can trigger a new build.

– I swear I saw a message like “if you don’t see stuff you think you’re entitled to see, ask customer support”.

Any ideas?

yea and my autobuilds from bitbucket stoped working about the same time. I’m having to manually trigger all my builds. It’s worked great for years. and it just stoped. Do I need to email customer support?

Ok. They just did a database update. Auto build is working for most of my repositories. but I have one that is not autobuilding, plus I can’t save any changes to the build configuration. I need to add a build environment variable. but it won’t let me. I’ve been doing my own builds and pushing them to get by until auto build work.