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Why does it take so long for the docker hub automated builds to upload the built image?

(Marius Gundersen) #1

I’m using the docker hub to automatically build projects hosten on github. What I see from the progress report on the build status page is that the automated builds take a very long time to upload the finished image. It takes much longer for the automated builds to upload the images than it does from my local machine. Sometimes it can take more than 30 minutes!

Is there any way to speed up this? Or is there an alternate build server that can be hooked into Github that is faster?

(Ekan) #2

We’re having the same problem. Incremental automated builds take anywhere from 5 min to 15 min. Any way to speed this up?

(Justin Venturi) #3

We have the same problem.

(Thegregthomp) #4

We gonna get an answer to this? It’s pretty slow and a real pain setting up my prod environment for the first time and I hit bugs.

(Marc Villacorta) #5

Slow and free as in beer.

(Aleks) #6

I administer a paying customer account and even small builds take anywhere from 20 min to an hour. It can get randomly jammed for 2-3 hours (!) with no status updates or support response.

I am periodically filing bug reports, but it doesn’t seem to improve.

(Ekan) #8

Yep, we pay as well. So not quite free or beer. It’s not really expensive so how much can we grumble?

If you use automated builds and multiple branches in the same repo, a change in one branch will trigger an automatic rebuild of all images across all branches…slowing everything down further.

(Jason Kirk) #9

Same issue here. Very slow. Can someone from Docker Hub comment on this?

(Matveyco) #10

Agree! I’m waiting for 20 minutes and my build not even started!

(Clanned) #11

Automated builds taking 10+ minutes to even kick off. What is the deal?

(Miguelghz) #12

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(Weslleycamilo) #13


(Dedupely) #14

Same issue, is there a way to fix this?


+1 30+ min so far on a build that takes my small digital ocean droplet 5 min.