Automated build in docker cloud vs. in docker hub


I’ve just registered in Docker Cloud and I’ve created my first automated build from there. I can see the repo has been published also on Docker Hub, but it doesn’t appear as an automated build there (the Dockerfile and Build Details tab are missing):

I’m a bit confused. Is this behaviour expected? If Docker Cloud and Docker Hub are separate systems, should I better switch my automated build to Docker Hub, in case I do not plan to use the Docker Cloud features?

(Note: I’m newbie. Maybe there is documentation explaining the Docker Cloud vs. Docker Hub use cases that I should have read. Sorry in that case.)


I’ve finally removed the repo and created an automated build directly in Docker Hub.

Docker Cloud’s automated build feature is a separate system from Docker Hub’s automated builds. Docker Cloud’s is in Beta, so it isn’t full-featured, or necessarily production-ready. It requires you to designate a node/host to run the builds on (or it will provision one for you, but either way you are choosing and paying for the infrastructure), whereas Docker Hub queues and runs builds on its own infrastructure (rather slowly at times, but free!) :wink: This opens the potential for Docker Cloud to enable faster and more configurable builds, since you have dedicated hardware on Docker Cloud. For instance, Docker Cloud does support layer-caching, which is very handy if you generate frequent builds! And you can select any size server to run your builds on, in case you have large or CPU-intensive layers you need to build (I’m not sure what the limits are on Docker Hub currently, but there are limits, and regardless, any image will build faster on a powerful, dedicated host).

Aside from those differences, they both have similar features and end results - just depends on how you want to get there.