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Future Updates on Docker Hub & Docker Cloud


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Docker Hub users,

Docker Hub was launched in 2013 with a goal of providing a platform for the Docker community to build and share content with developers around the world. Over the past 3+ years, millions of images have been created on Docker Hub with over 5 billion pulls to date.

We are continuing our focus on providing the best tools to help developers build, ship, and run Dockerized applications. To do that, we want to provide you with an integrated build, ship, and run experience that is low friction and easy to use - and that is Docker Cloud.

Future Updates

Docker Hub and Docker Cloud share many of their backend services, and so most of your content is already available in Docker Cloud just by logging in. No need to migrate any bits!

In the future, product development will focus on Docker Cloud and the majority of improvements and new features will be available in Docker Cloud only.

Is Hub going away? No, but the repository management and automated build features you love are being increasingly integrated into and expanded in Docker Cloud, and we recommend switching to Docker Cloud as your primary user interface.

What is Docker Cloud

Docker Cloud is a cloud-based service for developers and IT ops to build, ship, and run any application. With Docker Cloud you can:

  • Continuously deliver your code with integrated and automated build, test, and deployment workflows
  • Deploy and scale any application to your cloud in seconds, with just a few clicks
  • Get visibility across all your containers and running engines across your entire infrastructure
  • Access the service programmatically via a RESTful API or a developer friendly CLI tool
  • and much more …

For repository management and automated builds, you’ll find many of the same great features that are available in Docker Hub today:

Plus, there are a number of other great features available in Docker Cloud that are not found in Docker Hub:

The following features are also planned to be available in Docker Cloud:

  • Webhooks
  • Build triggers
  • Repository links
  • Collaborators

In the near future, your existing Docker Hub autobuilds will also be available in Docker Cloud.

Identical Pricing Plans

Private repo plans are the same across Docker Cloud and Docker Hub, so the number of private repos purchased and in use will be reflected identically in both services.

If you’re only interested in purchasing private repos, Docker Cloud will support that too. You don’t have to use every aspect of Docker Cloud, but the additional features and capabilities are there when you need them.

And this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for future updates as we start to build and release the latest set of features.

Content Discovery & Official Repositories

Public repositories remain an integral part of the Docker experience and you can continue to create public repositories for free on Docker Cloud. In addition, public repositories will continue to be searchable and browsable through Docker Hub and are also accessible through Docker Store.

Docker Store will soon be the primary location for discovering and obtaining public Docker images and content, including Official Repositories. Docker Store was announced at DockerCon 2016 and is the official marketplace for trusted free and commercial Docker images. Docker Store will be available in Q3 2016 and is currently available in private beta.

Getting Started with Docker Cloud

We welcome you to try out Docker Cloud!

Docker Cloud has been generally available since March 2016 and is production ready. Some of our customers are running 100+ services in their clusters and doing auto-redeploys with a blue-green deployment.

If you’re a Docker Hub user, we welcome you to start using Docker Cloud for automated builds and repository management. Just log in to Docker Cloud with your Docker ID, which is the shared account system across all Docker services.

If you’re not yet ready to move over to Docker Cloud for automated builds and repository management, you can continue to use Docker Hub.

The Docker team is focused on building truly innovative software to improve how developers build, ship, and run their applications and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

Here are some resources to get you started with Docker Cloud:

-The Docker Team

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