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Automated Build is shown as loading from past one hour. Is there any technical issue or reason for the same


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Some problem here.
My builds never finish. My build cancellations never finish neither.

It’s quite annoying. :confused:

Same for me. Builds never finish and canceling also takes forever.

Same problem here and “Cancel build” not work.

Ditto here, but… My build, while appearing to be hung, actually did complete. The logs show that it did, and I just did a docker pull on the image, and the Image ID I got matches the one in the logs.

But any new builds won’t start, because Hub still thinks the old one is building. For now, I’m falling back to doing explicit pushes from local builds, which is annoying but gets me past the problem.

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is there any better way to report this issue to cloud docker team? looks like posting in the forum is not very effective.

Btw, their status page is still not showing any issue.

I have precisely the same issue, I even deleted the repo, uploaded the image again and same happened. It finished building, it uploaded the image to the repo, but the status of the build on the docker hub did not change to finished

Same problem here.
Do you have an idea who can help at docker?

I’m seeing the same issue as well for my private organization.

Another issue is that Autobuild tests integration with Bitbucket are triggered but Docker Hub never calls Bitbucket webhook after the tests succeed. There are no build status notifications being send.

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Also experiencing this for a set of builds I’m responsible for. Builds were not completing or cancelling, just appear to be hung.

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Docker Contact Info:

I submitted a message but haven’t heard anything back.

I’ve also submitted a message.

The Docker Status page shows “Docker Hub Automated Builds” state as “Degraded Performance”:

This happened before. I had a build on February 27th that lasted for 11 hours. However, 5 minutes after I triggered the build, I already saw the build pushed on registry. Clearly the build bot failed to monitor status of the Docker process correctly.

I have turned to CI services for building Docker image. This is far from enterprise-ready solution.

They fixed the issue yesterday (also updated their status page) and my builds are running correctly (slowly as always)

Is there a way to remove the extremely high bar in the histogram in the build activity? That build was pending for hours because of this problem and it messes up the whole graph by changing the scale of the axis.