Build stuck in pending on docker hub

Is the hub down? I can’t get a build to run

We had an issue with build stack for few hours. The issue is resolved now.

I think you still have that issue. I get every 2nd or 3rd build to work. Rest are stuck at building…

I have the same problem. Now ca. 5 images are stuck at queue

This is definitely not fixed. We have around 8 Build which are still in the queue.

HI @davidsichau,

We are currently experiencing longer than normal queueing times on our Automated Build infrastructure and are actively working to resolve the issue. Please refer to for the latest updates.


It seems there have been issues with auto builds since around 12 hours ago. Right now I see all my builds stuck in “PENDING” (manually triggered). Yesterday the auto-builds were stuck in an infinite loop.

Are there any issues with the service?


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Currently my private repository has two builds stuck in “CANCELING” and “PENDING”. This is the first time I have seen my builds stay in queue for more than half an hour. Is this normal or something I should be worried about?

I am having this issue for the second time. Not sure what to do or who to contact to have it resolved.

Same here - builds hung

Having a hanging build in cancellation aswell

I have contacted docker, but the builds are indeed hanging across the board. In multiple accounts

@Docker Any idea when this will be fixed, we have a lot of builds waiting to get completed and they are all stuck?

I am having this issue, I have two build stuck in “Canceling” and “Pending”.

@Docker Really, what is going on?!? I’m part of some open source projects, which uses the docker infrastructure and we NEED to fix an broken update, but the hub just wont build them. They are stuck since days now…

I too am experiencing this. I’ve one build stuck in cancelling and has been for 5 hours now, blocking anything else from running on the project.

What can I do to get it cancelled properly so the automated pipeline can resume?

Thank you.

The same issue today

I’m seeing this exact same behavior.

Same issue here. Any workarounds?

EDIT: After waiting for ~20 minutes for the cancellation to complete, I was able to manually kick off a build.

My workaround: manually cancelled all builds, wait until they’re fully cancelled, manually trigger a new one