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Build stuck in pending on docker hub

(Greg Fausak) #1

Is the hub down? I can’t get a build to run

(Sabin Basyal) #2

We had an issue with build stack for few hours. The issue is resolved now.

(Ashot) #3

I think you still have that issue. I get every 2nd or 3rd build to work. Rest are stuck at building…

(Brzda) #4

I have the same problem. Now ca. 5 images are stuck at queue

(Davidsichau) #5

This is definitely not fixed. We have around 8 Build which are still in the queue.

(Ryan Kennedy) #6

HI @davidsichau,

We are currently experiencing longer than normal queueing times on our Automated Build infrastructure and are actively working to resolve the issue. Please refer to for the latest updates.