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Build History disappeared and Automated Builds not working


(Mark Walker) #1

Recently (overnight) the Build History for all of our repos has disappeared, and the Automated Builds are no longer functioning (even though they are still correctly configured). Has there been some change recently that broke this functionality?

(Gary Forghetti) #2

Hi Mark.

Just checked my Docker Hub repos, the build history is there for mine.
Kicked off an automated build and it worked.

I’ll check with the Docker Hub folks though.

(Mark Walker) #3

As an update, I can manually trigger the build rules that don’t use Regex, but the rules don’t trigger automatically, and I can’t add build rules either. In fact, when I attempt to edit the Automated Build configuration, it seems like it’s failing to load / save the state properly, as the Organization and Repo are not auto-selected.

(Ming He) #4

Hi Mark.

Looks like there is a disconnect in the source. Can you go to the account settings to try to relink the source provider, and then come back to reconfig the build settings for this repository?


I’m suffering from exactly the same issue, and it also happened exactly 6 days ago, it can’t be a coincidence. I can trigger build manually but automated GitHub push-based builds are no longer having any effect, and the build history also disappeared from my repo. Could you take a look what is wrong? I’ve relinked my GitHub account just in case and it didn’t fix the problem.


I’ve found the bug myself, while you were switching to that new system, you entirely forgot to update the webhook for the repo, I still had old one with docker hub registry as opposed to new one which is cloud-based. Removing old webhook, completely deleting the automated build and setting up again fixed the issue for me.