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Azure provisioned node

Expected behavior

Web access available (or able to be turned on) to service

Actual behavior

Unable to connect with browser to Docker Hub Azure provisioned VM Node

Additional Information

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. … Create an Azure Node with Docker cloud
  2. … Deploy container (with web site / api)
  3. … Try to access this externally
  4. … Within Azure try to give the VM external access (providing Network interface)

How did you deploy? If you create an nginx service as detailed here, it should work.

How did you deploy? - I used cloud settings to provision an Azure instance, then I clicked services, create, then chose “my repositories”, then chose my (private) repo, then chose deploy.

Thanks for the link but that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me (perhaps I’m missing something). So if I do docker-compose up locally I can see my app, but I can’t on Azure using nginx could make sense I guess but none of the instructions on that link work with either the “classic” Azure portal or the new one. So I can’t SSH to my VM to even begin…

More info here if it helps

Have you got a Network Security group attached to the Network? If so is it configured to allow access on the correct ports?