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Bad request on "Verify email address" Button in E-Mail

I have a little authentication Problem:

If I click on the “Verify email address” Button, the Site is showing me only “Bad request”.

Some more Information:
Tested-Browsers: Chrome & Edge
Response-Code: 400
Method: GET


Can you specify a bit more, what you are talking about ?
Is it a web app where you are running it as a container inside in local or prod ?
Then shows us more details about your application and what are you running ?
Or you are talking about your registration process ?
a litle bit confusing.

Seeing the categories and tags below the topic title, I suppose you wanted to register to Docker Hub and you got an email with the email verification link. If that link is wrong or the Docker Hub doesn’t work properly, I am affraid we can’t help you.

I can check the HTML source of the button f there there is some visible error and try t manually fix it. If you cant, you can try to click the button later. Docker Hub recently had issues. In the meantime you can try to contact the Docker Teasm Docker Support - Contact | Docker Support

@rimelek Thank you. This is the issue.