Issue with verify email

I need to verify my email to use docker features, but when I click on the verify in my email, I get this error; I tried many times; also, I have no access to docker support because my email is not verified yet.

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There was an issue today with Docker Hub but according to the status notifications it is already resolved. Can you open the verification link now?

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Nope, I got the same error.
Is there any other way that I can verify my email?

I don’t think so, but you could try it from different browsers or use an incognito window (some browsers call it private window) if it is somehow caused by cookies or anything that the browser remembers.

If it doesn’t help you can report it in the hub feedback repository:

There is already a report about the verification, but that was a different issue with different error message:

unfortunately unanswered. You should create a new issue.

Although you mentioned you have no access to docker support, it is not entirely true. You can use the public contact form:

I think I would choose the “Technical issues and Bugs” Topic in the drop-down list. I don’t know how fast you would get help. Docker support may give higher priority to subscribed users, but it would be hard to become a subscribed user if you can’t even log in so the bugs topic might get their attention.

i have this problem T and try with other mail account & other browser , but …