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Help Cannot Create DockerHub Account?

Hi there,

I have filled in various contact forms for docker on this issue but I have received nothing back. I created a new DockerHub account for my personal use (this one I am using here is my work account). However I have not received the verification emails for the account. I have tried re-sending them multiple times, checked spam and junk folders. I have even done the reset password process to see if I receive those emails (which I do) so I know my email address is correct on the account.

If I try to sign up again using the same email address and username it tells me they are already in use which I would expect. However I cannot seem to trigger the account verification emails successfully. Has anybody else had this problem? Docker Support so far has been unresponsive.



I checked out mail servers, and we do have one record of delivering a password reset link to your registered email address on 22AUG2019. There are no records of later delivery attempts. It was successfully delivered to your company’s email servers.

We also show your most recent login using your docker id yesterday, 22AUG2019. It appears you may have received the password reset, and been able to login in the time since you made this post.


I am not waiting for the password reset email. I can receive those. I am waiting for the account verification email, when I try to log in, I am presented with the “account verification” link. I am not receiving these emails.


Your account has been verified, so all seems well, at least from a backend point of view.

When I try to log in to my personal account with DockerID m477r1x I receive the ‘your account is not active yet’ error and it requires me to send a verification email. However I never receive it.