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Beginner question about getting docker for windows?

(Ncage) #1

Hi all, just got the anniversary update for windows 10 enterprise (1607) and am excited about getting started with docker. I do have some very basic questions. I’m following this tutorial:

It ask you to download docker from the following location:

What is the difference between this and just going to and installing the “docker for windows” install

To be honest i’d probably rather use chocolatey to install it if i can because it keeps everything up to date without me manually have to manage it:

I’d appreciate some clarifications of the differences and if i really need to download the suggested link that msdn has. Maybe its a beta that is required for what i’m doing or maybe there are different types of docker based upon what your doing?

(Ncage) #2

It wouldn’t let me post 3 links so here is the link to the chocolatey install:

(Michael Friis) #3

Docker for Window previously only installed a Linux-based Docker development environment (confusing, I know). With beta26, Docker for Windows will also install the native Windows Docker engine: