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Confusion on what docker engine to install

I am beginning my knowledge and interest into the Docker/container technology. I want to install docker; however, I am confused as to which product(docker for windows or docker toolbox) I should start with.

I am running windows 10 Pro, V1607 OS Build 14393.2214

The docker for desktop page has a requirement of “Windows 10 64bit: Pro, Enterprise or Education (Build 15063 or later)”.

While docker toolbox page says “If you have a newer system, specifically 64bit Windows 10 Pro, with Enterprise and Education (1607 Anniversary update, Build 14393 or later), consider using [Docker Desktop for Windows] instead.”

it appears there is some conflicting information within Docker docs so I am wondering which is correct? I definitely want to try and use Docker for Windows(Docker CE i believe is what it’s called) but would just like some clarification.

Thank You

The 15063 is probably correct because the new version of Desktop has higher requirements and the other page was not updated. Why are you still on Windows 1607? You should have a system that is able to run Docker Desktop, with Toolbox you will not be happy.

This is the equipment I was provided by my employer. I am suppose to be upgraded yet again with a new laptop so hopefully that will have a higher version of Windows 10.

What did you end up doing?

Docker Desktop for Windows, I have been upgraded to a more current version of Window 10