Beginner Question: How to remove database/container permanently

Hi, absolute newbie here.
So I basically just did everything mentioned here on my local computer/harddrive (and it worked fine) but now I want to remove everything (to start again later).
What I did:

I have no idea about docker/containers etc., I just want to delete all the data in the database i might have set up and then start from a blank page.

Is there any way to achieve this? It is probably quite easy, I just do not even know what to google.



If you mean remove everything about docker, the command to run is docker system prune.

Add --help to see additionnal features like removing volumes.

Basically I want all of this removed and also the data that will probably in the db-1 thing?

How do i run your docker command, type it into the search bar and press enter?
Thanks for your help!

Top left near the word wiki, select the checkbox, all the three lines will be selected then delete button.

(it’s really basic here, take time to read docs)