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Blkio_config does not exist in v3.0 or later

Hi, I’d like to limit disk io for docker containers. But, blkio_config options do not exist in compose format v3.0 or later. On the other hand, they exist in format v2.4. Why these options are removed in v3.0? Any chances to add the options again?

blkio_config option exists in v2.4:

blkio_config option is removed in v3.0:

Quite easy: 3.0 is supposed to be used with swarm deployments. Whatever features the swarm mode devs decided would not make sense in a multi node cluster environment is either removed or not implemented.

If you have a single node, then docker-compose and v2.4 is still the way to go and way more powerfull then swarm will ever be. Swarm lacks privileged mode, capabilites, devices and other “low level” features.

If you require multi node cluster container deployments and still need full controll of everything, a move to Kubernetes is inevitable.

Thank you so much for quick response. Now I understand the reason.