Docker-compose version 3 and docker-init

As a long time user of tini, I was happy to see that --init can replace it. But, I am confused that it is only available in docker-compose 2.2 but not 3? Any reason for this?


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I noticed this as well; it was introduced in the schema v.2.2, and no mention of it being removed, yet when running a v3.x config file, an error occurs: Unsupported config option for <>: ‘init’

EDIT: I found the reason why here:

The issue mentioned by @bdharrington7 was closed as they think it’s only not working for swarm deployments.
But I am getting the “Unsupported config option” error even if I only use docker-compose up to deploy the containers locally.

Any news on what’s going on with this?

I’m also hitting this problem. Any news?

Take a look at the issue I linked to, it looks like there’s an option to enable it by default, though it seems like the sentiment is that programs should properly handle their children anyway. As of about 3 months ago there’s still some movement on it