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Boot2docker iso image not found

(Klasmalmstrom) #1

Running on Windows 7 64-bit.

I downloaded “DockerToolbox-1.11.0.exe” for Windows. Installed the packed.
Then I tried to run “Docker Quickstart Terminal” shortcut created by the installation.

After while the script tells me:
"(default) No default Boot2Docker ISO found locally…"
The following download fails, but that might be due to my proxy settings.

However, in the folder where the file resides there is a file named “boot2docker.iso”, so I am at a loss as to what the problem is.

(Klasmalmstrom) #2

I’ve found the error and I got it up an running now.

(Maxvir) #3

Could you share the reason? I also got this problem.

(Maxvir) #4

Could you share the reason? I also got this problem.

(Saradotramli) #5

The trick is to copy the .iso file from the Docker install location to “C:\Users<username>.docker\machine\cache”. The users folder may vary based on the windows version you have, but hope you get the idea.

(Lukeboh) #6

Dowload boot2docker.iso and save in %HOMEPATH%.docker\machine\cache.

It will warn some other problems, but you may go on.

(Lodlaiden) #7

When I did this, it complained that it still couldn’t download, but the Quickstart continued. I believe that’s where it puts it after download, so the next step could complete. Thanks!