Builds in private repo suddenly unable to be based on another private repo

One of our private repos is based on another private repo:tag (goodinc/project-citizen starts with FROM goodinc/coreos:rubydev). This has been working for months. Last week the automated builds started sporadically failing with a “Error: image goodinc/coreos:rubydev not found” error. This increased in frequency until it happens every time. We can no longer build.

I have rebuilt the goodin/coreos:rubydev image and its dependencies and re-pushed them to Docker hub. This hasn’t resolved the problem.

Another repo with the same dependency (goodinc/ctzn-admin) reports success in the list view, but shows “Error” in the detailed view. In review the logs of that repo, it shows it was able to successfully download the repo in question (“Status: Downloaded newer image for goodinc/coreos:rubydev
—> 9d35f0f0f88e”) but the log ends with “61b3964dfa70 Image successfully pushed” the UI just doesn’t agree that it was successful.

I am completely broken at this point and hoping someone has some ideas (waiting on info from support from a contact on Friday).

Support informed me this is a bug and they will issue a fix soon.

I’ve been having the same issue. Last week it was fairly sporradic but today we can’t pull the ‘base’ container at all, so all dependent containers fail to build.

Hopefully they can get this fixed fairly quick.

I have tried to escalate with support. I hope to at least get an ETA.


We have seen other reports of this issue and are working on getting it fixed. This incident is associated with the issue that is happening:


This Issue has been resolved.
Please create a support ticket by emailing to, if you still see any such problems.