If subscribe 15 users x 1 year (business), what can I get ? Key/SN/Cert?


We have a customer want subscribe business , somehow they can’t pay directly, If I subscribe 15 users x 1 year (business) on their behalf, what can I get ? Key/SN/Cert ? Need something to bill them.

Can customer create their own ID or I have to share my ID to them?


Anyone knows?。。。。。。。。。。。

@evabojorges can you take a look at the question?

Hey @jiangge12

If I understand correctly, you’d like to be an intermediary seller for this business? You’d have to be a Docker approved reseller. To learn more about this, read this blog How to Purchase a Docker Subscription from a Reseller - Docker and contact Nuaware for more information.

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Thank you for responding.
we are a local IT outsourcing in shanghai, customer is a Japan Manu. we are not intend to be a resaler , just help customer the process, because they can’t purchase via creditcard without invoice. ( it may against their finace policy)
BTW, Nuaware is blocked by China’s Firewall, then have no idea of it.
So…back to question, what can I get, Key/SN/Cer or something else?

Hey @jiangge12

I heard back from our team and this is what they said:

  • All purchases below the 50 seats range must be carried out through our website and must be paid by credit card. If the number of seats purchased is equal to or greater than 50, they can pay through PO (purchase order). There is no Key/SN/Cer or anything else.
  • About the firewall blocking I think it would be important to issue a support ticket since it is necessary to know what the specific error they are receiving… this in order to know what the blocking is due to. Please send out a ticker via our support form here: Docker Hub

Make sure you include the DockerID to investigate the problem.

“There is no Key/SN/Cer or anything else”…that is what I need, many thanks! …and the firewall, it is about country’s policy, can’t be easily resolved by a ticket ,I guess.