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Using docker for JBOSS EAP and Oracle DB

(Avnsiva) #1

To better manage the promotion of builds in my project, I was looking out on how to use docker.

Our application contains jboss EAP, war files which has the application UI and logic, some property files and a set of application configurations stored in a separate schema of the DB.

Is it possible to create a container with

  2. Property Files
  3. WAR files
  4. Oracle Tables (along with data)?

I have tried with the first 3. I am not sure how to create a container which has the Oracle tables along with its data.

Please help…

(Jeff Anderson) #2

I don’t have experience specifically with oracle DB, but I can talk about relational database services in containers in general.

Usually, you’ll want the container itself to be about running the service. The actual data will be stored in a volume instead of on the container’s own filesystem. This allows you to do things like switch versions of the service while leaving data in place.

Usually if you want some sort of seed data to be present on first run, you can implement some logic in the ENTRYPOINT script that will detect if it is doing a first run, and then populate the data.

The official image for mysql uses this pattern in its ENTRYPOINT script:

The same principles also apply to any other data storage system.