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Can not activate build triggers (404 XHR error)

(Net-ng) #1

On the “Build settings” tab of my automated build repository (public), I can’t activate the build triggers. When I click on the “activate” button, nothing happens. The browser debugger shows that the ajax call to buildtrigger/ gets a 404 error.

Is that a bug ?


(Filemon) #2

Having the same issue here - public/private repos.

(Samuel) #3

I have same issue here.

(Francesco Pontillo) #4

Same for me, can we have an official reply?

(Alexklibisz) #5

Also having the same error on a public repo. Would appreciate any help.

(Matias Insaurralde) #6

Same problem here. I received this reply from the team:

There is an internal ticket (HUBT-1228) filed to track this bug internally.

We will let you know when we have a fix for this issue.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Filemon) #7

I just cancelled our subscription. Not because of the bug, but the reaction times of the Docker Hub support team. Staying with public repos only, where I don’t really care much.

(Matias Insaurralde) #8

It’s working now :smile: