Unable to trigger docker build via rest api or web UI


Anyone else experience this issue? I am unable to trigger docker hub build via rest api or web ui

curl -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ --data ‘{“source_type”: “branch”, “source_name”: “a.b.c”}’ -XPOST https://hub.docker.com/api/build/v1/source/xxxxxx/trigger/yyyyyyyyyy/call/
{“error”: “Integrated service is down!”}

Please help. Thanks.

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Having same issue. The auto builds are not working and “Recent Builds” is not loading for any repo. This is not good. Been 5 hrs+ with these issue. No response from support either except the initial confirm email.

the same issue and configuration in every repo are gone, and when reset configuration can’t be saved

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the same issue, I thought I was the only one experiencing this

If this issues still endures, I would suggest getting in touch with the Docker Support.

Something definitely must be wrong with Docker Hub. There was a reported issue one hour ago

I can confirm the same issue and it seems my repository lost the connection to GitHub including all of my build settings in that repository.

These issues can be related.

Same issue here. I put in a support ticket right away and aside from the canned initial response I’ve heard nothing. It would be reassuring, at least, if they posted some kind of update or acknowledged the issue.

Same problem here.
Used to work fine and today I have noticed all Buil Configurations are gone and I am unable to build any repo… and no answer from Docker support team.

@carltonsmithgigwage There was a feedback on GitHub. The Hub team was notified. Let’s hope they can fix it soon.

@rimelek can you please link the feedback? Thanks!

I linked the issue above but here is the direct link to the comment:


Can you try it again? It looks like they fixed the related issue on GitHub.

Yes. It works now. Thanks for everyone in the community.