Visibility of public vs. private repositories for business tier

In Docker Hub, given a business tier account for company-X, who can see a “public” repository of a company-X account user? Can the general public? Or just other members of company X Business account?

I’ve looked in the online docs, and maybe I missed it, but I didn’t find a straight forward answer to this.

What I want to do, as a company-X account user is create a repository that other company-X users can pull, but not the general public.

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I don’t have a business account, but I don’t see why “public” would have a different meaning in the business tier.
My guess is that public images are visible and pullable for anyone and private images (unless there are more visibility options) can be pulled by any member of the organization

If you already have a business account, and you create a test public image, you can ask anyone if they can pull that image. If you don’t have a business account, you need to wait for someone who knows how it works.