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Can zoom out Dashboard Window with Ctrl- BUT cannot Zoom back in - SOLVED!

  • Issue type = GUI
  • OS Version/build = Windows 10 Pro Build 1803
  • App version = Windows x64 v3.1. Build 51484
  • Steps to reproduce = Repeated Ctrl- to zoom out, Ctrl+ fails to zoom back in.

Please help! I zoomed out of the Dashboard Windows using the usual Ctrl- keyboard shortcut (as you would with Chrome) but now I can’t zoom back in with the usual Ctrl+ keyboard shortcut. So now I am left with a tiny barely readable font in the window!

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the Docker Desktop for Windows application without success.

How can I zoom back in or at least reset the setting?

Solution: Press Ctrl 0

Thanks a lot this helped. I was having trouble reading as well as in mind… as was not able to restore original size… Ctrl 0 worked :slight_smile: