Cannot connect to container console through UCP

I am trying to start a new application containing 4 containers in UCP. When the compose file is created and application create button pressed with verbose logging enabled. I see multiple issues,

  • The verbose logging is not enabled

  • Get the error shown below,
    Created docker/ucp-compose:1.1.2 compose container
    Started compose container 6a3d272cc6a63f53bdf1ac2a193d322a84178cf2b203a722e2115b44be62747f

  • On trying to restart one of the containers which failed, get the below error
    Cannot restart container 477306f93ff19b72aeac556e5bd2617de79d949db1eb8e516c06802950919837: subnet sandbox join failed for “”: vxlan interface creation failed for subnet “”: failed to set link up: transport endpoint is not connected

  • Cannot connect to the console through UCP, bash is selected and when RUN button is selected, we get a disconnect button, and there is no console window.

The same application was coming up fine yesterday. I rebuild the image and trying to test it today, and encountered these issues.

We using ubuntu 14.0.4