report about my portainer - console connecting issue

I installed the archive box from portainer but the console kept failing to connect.

After some trial and error, I realized that all the containers I had installed were failing to connect to the console, which made me suspicious that the problem was with portainer itself.

Now that I think about it, most of the installations I’ve done in portainer that don’t work with stack have been with task scheduler. Something made me suspect that there was something fundamentally wrong with portainer.

I followed the marius 30 second install guide for the portainer installation. (Synology: 30 Second Portainer Install Using Task Scheduler & Docker – Marius Hosting)

I attatch the logfile of portainer and hope you guys can help me.

Access via Synology


Just out of curiosity: may I ask why it makes sense to you to post a problem with Portainer on a Docker forum in the Docker Hub category?

If you want to raise an issue with Portainer, wouldn’t you agree that it belongs in a Portainer forum, or in the Portainer GitHub Project?