Cannot convert account to organization (because of "hidden" link to deactivated organization?)

I created a user account with name lionafire which I am trying to convert to an organization.
It fails with message “User must first leave all organizations and groups” even though the account is in no organization, no group and also has no repositories or collaborations.

I think that the reason for this might be that I had an organization named lionafireteams for a while which I deactivated. Since it seems to be possible to re-activated deactivated organization I suspect that the lionafire account is still somehow linked to that deactivated organization. Since I can’t see that organization anymore I cannot do anything about it though and currently have no possibility to convert the lionafire account to an organization.

Hey @karolinekarkosch,

We have been facing the same problem for more than a year now, have you found a solution?

The best part is that we have a pro plan, and the support is not even answering…

Best regards,

Riadh M.