Cannot find a docker config file on my mac

I’ve checked in the normal place(s): /etc/init, /etc/defaults, and /etc/docker (to try to find a daemon config file, which was also missing), but I can’t find a docker.conf file anywhere on my computer, and I did a full-system search. I’m trying to edit it according to the tutorial here so I can remotely access it.

I did find config.json and .dockercfg files in a .docker directory under my Users account dir. Is one of these the file I’m looking for? If so, which one?

If not, does this mean that my docker won’t use a config file if I create one? I can make one in /etc/defaults, but it seems like there should already be one, so my thought is that docker doesn’t need one and thus won’t use anything that I make.

Thanks in advance!

On my toolbar I have a Docker icon and when I go to “Preferences” you can configure your Docker on Mac. There is a “daemon” option and there you’ll have an “advanced” button. Here you can paste all your configuration options. Be aware that this might break docker.

Hm. I don’t think I want to be configuring the daemon though; I want to configure docker itself. Or is that a false distinction? Are they the same thing?

The docker config create command looks like it might be what I’m looking for. I’ll try that out.

docker config is for creating configurations that you can map into docker services, this has nothing to do with configuring the docker-engine.

As @wdijkerman has pointed out you can use the docker-icon in the toolbar to configure the engine.
Just go to the Daemon ‘tab’ and when you select ‘Advanced’ you can configure the daemon using the daemon.json JSON format: Reference

This seems like the wrong format for what I’m looking at though; adding DOCKER_OPTS=’…’ to the daemon config gives an “invalid json” error, and doesn’t allow me to apply the configurations. Am I missing some way to convert what I’m looking to add into a proper json format? And thanks for the help, all. It’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT: the config.json file that I mentioned earlier seems to be what docker is actively talking to, as every time I login to my private repo, it gets overwritten back to the same file. Not sure what this means as it’s still a json, and so can’t take the DOCKER_OPTS var that I’m looking for.