Where can I find the config file for resources defined using Desktop UI?

Hi everyone, my first post here hope you all are doing great!

I have a simple question regarding Docker Desktop for Mac : I’d like to know if the screen below

generates a file somewhere on my Mac Box that I can read it and parse it myself (for scripting purposes)

I tried searching in several locations like

  • ~/.docker/*
  • ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Docker Desktop/*
  • ~/Library/Containers/Docker/*

without success. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

I may depend on the virtualization framework. I have turned on “virtualization.framework” in Experimental features and I have these resources here:



This file only exists when Docker Desktop is running, so you probably want and other file.

Actually I found it at

~/Library/Group Containers/group.com.docker/settings.json



Thank you! In case it helps anyone… I had tried to bump up my resources in Docker Desktop and then suddenly docker backend could no longer start and docker desktop could not start properly either (so the changes could not be reverted via the Desktop UI). I was finally able to get it to work again by editing this config file (manually changing the values I had adjusted back to previous values), killing ‘docker’ processes in Activity Monitor, and opening Docker Desktop again.

Thank you! This saved my ass today. I needed more space so I followed the Docker docs and did what it said: Change the Disk Image Location to another drive with plenty of space. After it restarted I had lost all of my containers, images, etc. About 2 hours later I came across this post and quit docker desktop, set the location back to the original, and restarted docker desktop. Got everything back :grinning: