Where can I find the config file for resources defined using Desktop UI?

Hi everyone, my first post here hope you all are doing great!

I have a simple question regarding Docker Desktop for Mac : I’d like to know if the screen below

generates a file somewhere on my Mac Box that I can read it and parse it myself (for scripting purposes)

I tried searching in several locations like

  • ~/.docker/*
  • ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Docker Desktop/*
  • ~/Library/Containers/Docker/*

without success. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

I may depend on the virtualization framework. I have turned on “virtualization.framework” in Experimental features and I have these resources here:



This file only exists when Docker Desktop is running, so you probably want and other file.

Actually I found it at

~/Library/Group Containers/group.com.docker/settings.json


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