Docker for Mac daemon options

I’ve read about the presence of a pinata tool in the past that shipped with Docker for Mac to allow setting daemon config values, but it’s been removed in favor of UI-based configuration. I’ve also read about editing the files in the /Users/<user>/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/database git repo directly, which does have a daemon.json file with the latest daemon configuration, but all of the files are always staged for delete making me think that the Mac application actually maintains the status of these files elsewhere. Is there a workaround until the UI exposes some way to set daemon values?

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@justinmills did you find a way to edit these values ?

I did not, no. It hasn’t been a huge issue for me so I’ve not yet attempted editing the git repo directly. I suppose an alternative would be to ditch Docker for Mac and go to Docker Toolbox which looks like it gives you a lot more control over the docker daemon settings.