Cannot install on Windows 10 enterprise LTSB ( build 10240 )

I am just curious to know why docker cannot be installed on Windows 10 enterprise LTSB ( build 10240 ).

The installation msi package states that it requires a min build number of 10586. Why is this?

I thought that the LTSB would contain pretty much the same basic Windows 10 components.

And is there any way to skip the build number check in the installation?


Same thing here. Running WIndows 10 PRO (bought license) and my build is 10240 as well. There are NO updates for my version at the moment. Whats the problem here guys?

Windows build 10586 is required because it’s the first Windows version that has support for the Hyper-V features that Docker for Windows requires to run.

Can you check whether updates are deferred for your machine? Cannot install Docker HyperV on Windows 10 Pro

For LTSB, it may be that that Windows edition has not gotten the relevant update:

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OK - Thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately I cannot go beyond the LTSB in my enterprise company, so I’ll just have to wait for the LTSB to get the Hyper-V stuff.