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Cannot install Docker HyperV on Windows 10 Pro


(Gert76) #1

When I try to install docker HyperV on Windows 10 Pro I get the following error message:

HyperV is installed and I am running Windows 10 64bit pro.

What could be the issue?


(Thomas Vollstädt) #2

Do you have all latest updates installed?
Please hit Win + R, enter winver and post which exact Windows version you are running.

(Gert76) #3


It is build 10240. But windows update says there is no updates and that my
machine is up to date.

Not sure if it means I have to wait for the update to roll out to my

My updates are automatically installed.
Does it mean I must maybe register for insider builds?

(Munir) #4

Please note, Build 10586 is NOT an insider release.

Release History of Windows 10

  • 10.0.10240.0 - Released in July 2015
  • 10.0.10586.0 - Released in November 2015

Build 10586 is generally referred to as either and/or in combination with:

  • Windows 10 November Update
  • Windows 10 Version 1511
  • Codename “Threshold 2”

(Taqenniwa) #5

Upgrades are probably deferred on your computer. Uncheck the Defer Upgades option and Windows Update will soon enough offer you to download Windows 10 Version 1511.

Cannot install on Windows 10 enterprise LTSB ( build 10240 )
(Gert76) #6


No I checked. It is not set to deferred.

I will have to force it then I suppose with the media creation tool.