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Cannot Save New Automated Build

I can’t seem to get a newly-created automated Build to actually save when clicking “Save”. Trying to delete an existing build updates the UI, and I click “Save” again trying to see if I can even delete a build. Navigating away and back to the Automated Builds screen shows that the delete did not take effect.

What am I doing wrong here? Since I can only attach one screenshot, I have uploaded all of the screenshots to GitHub here: Docker Hub pwntools/pwntools:ci Automated Build · Issue #1820 · Gallopsled/pwntools · GitHub

Linked Account

My Docker Hub account is correctly linked to my Github account.

Member of Pwntools Organization

As can be seen here, I am a member of the Pwntools organization.

Pwntools/Pwntools Repository

As can be seen here, I have access to the pwntools/pwntools repository.

Existing Builds

As can be seen here, our existing automated builds have been working. fine.

New Build Configuration

At the page where we add a new automated build, I have access to the Gallopsled/pwntools repository, Docker is performing all of the existing automatic builds with no problem.

However, trying to add a new Build with:

  • branch dev
  • tag ci
  • Dockerfile Location Dockerfile
  • Build Context travis/docker

Fails silently when I click save, and the new build is not created. No error message is shown when clicking save, but the new build is not saved and is still editable.

Removing the latest build

I tried removing deleting the latest build and clicking save. It disappears, but upon navigating away and back to the “Build configurations”, it reappers. I thought perhaps there was a 5-build limit, so deleting one would help – but I can’t even get the deletion of an existing build saved.

Next Steps

At this point I’m at a loss as to why Docker Hub is not accepting the “Save” action when I click it.