Cannot utilize iSCSI software initiator in container -- why?

I’m running Windows 10 build 1709 with KB4043961, and am running the windowsservercore:1709_KB4043961 container.

I want to utilize the software iSCSI initiator in the container. The purpose is not specifically to have storage for the container, which I know I could do on the host and then map that volume to the container.

I am doing automated testing of software iSCSI, and instead of doing this on a VM, I’d like to do this in a container I can throw away, without polluting the host. Part of this testing is walking through the process of adding a portal, discovering volumes, mounting, etc.

When I run the container, I can do a get-service msciscsi and start/stop it on the container, completely independently from the host. But when I try to do anything with with initiator, it says that the initiator can’t be found. But the same command works on the host. Since it’s just a software initiator (no specific HBA involved, etc), it really seems like this could work.

Any suggestions?

[925f7aca139f…]: PS C:> get-service msiscsi

Status Name DisplayName

Running msiscsi Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service

[925f7aca139f…]: PS C:> New-IscsiTargetPortal -TargetPortalAddress (the IP address of the portal)
New-IscsiTargetPortal : Initiator Instance Does Not Exist.
+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (MSFT_iSCSITargetPortal:ROOT/Microsoft/…CSITargetPortal) [New-IscsiTargetPortal], CimException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : HRESULT 0xefff0017,New-IscsiTargetPortal

[925f7aca139f…]: PS C:>