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Can't access organization repos

Hi all,

New to docker hub but loving it. We are able to push and pull from some personal accounts to personal repos fine. But can’t get the organisation repos to work.

We have an organisation set up with a couple empty repos that these same users have read/write access to. However, we are unable to push to them. docker-compose throws no errors, it just ignores the yml file with repos in the format org_nam/repo and instead keeps pushing to user_name/repo. But it works if we change the repo to a different personal one.

also, when we look at the listed remote repos for the organisation via docker desktop when logged in as one of these users they are blank (despite seeing the repos in browser). Not sure if that is expected behaviour.

We had some issues setting up org where docker support reinstated it after we wrongfully deleted it but not sure if that is related as we have full access to it in browser. have not heard back from docker support yet.

can anyone clarify what might be happening here? it seems like docker hub is not fully respecting that the users have access to the org. should we be able to view remote org repos in docker desktop and have we missed anything in setting this up correctly?


P.S. issues exists with latest docker desktop on both windows 10 and OSX 10.15

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hi all, not sure what happened but we had a new dev push to the org repo successfully and since then has worked for everyone else.