Cant create team in organization?

I keep trying to create team names under my organization but no matter what I name the team as or describe it as I get the message “Please check your input values. The team name may already exist or the characters may be invalid.”

I have only one organization and no teams (other than “owner”) in existence.

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Hey neigbor!

That is certainly unexpected behavior. Does it do the same thing in different browsers?

Also, for this sort of thing, it’s not a bad idea to send in an email to, and include as much information as possible.


It happened to me as well. I tried to create a team in my org called “AMP”. I was successfully able to create it with all lowercase: “amp”. The UX around this could be improved since there is really no guidance provided, no validation until you try to save, and no hint about what’s wrong with the name.

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I am also encountering this issue. I can’t create any teams even though the only team that exists is “owners”

what team names are you trying to create?

I think the error occurs if there are capitalized letters in the name. I lowercased them and was able to create the team.

I had the same issue. Uppercase characters all resulted in “invalid characters” switched to all lowercase and it worked.

I’m experiencing this issue. Lowercase/Uppercase doesn’t change

I also had this issue. In case it’s helpful, by inspecting the Network request in chrome dev tools, the error message returned by the request was “group name must be between 3 and 30 characters, and contain only lowercase letters and numbers”