Can't enable virtiofs


I have some slow issue on mac with docker, like realy slow…
After some research, i found that since docker 4.6 you can use an experimental feature that speed up docker on mac
The problem is that the only “tutorial” i found to use this virtiofs feature is : Speed boost achievement unlocked on Docker Desktop 4.6 for Mac - Docker

Basicky they just say to download docker 4.6 or above and enable virtiofs…

The problem is : i can’t check the option, it’s grey →

If anyone can help me with that !
Im on macbookpro Intel core i7 and docker 4.11.0 for macos

Thanks you :slight_smile:

As it is described under the virtioFS option, virtiofs requires at least macOS 12.2 and 12.3 for the best experience. What is your mac version?

damn i though i was up to date but im on 12.1 …
I’ll update my mac right now, i guess this is the problem :sweat:
sorry for bothering you, im closing the topic for now
and ty for your answer