Enable VirtioFS via config files or command line

Hi everyone!
Is there any way to enable VirtioFS by default for Docker Desktop on macOS
For example: enable it via config file or command line instead of Docker Desktop GUI
Thank you.

I don’t know abbout that. If you list processes on Mac while docker desktop is running, you can see the command how the multiple components of Docker Desktop are started including the virtual machine. You will find a --virtiofs option among the arguments, but I couldn’t find where that is defined. When Docker Desktop is running, it also creates a json file that contains the arguments, but that file disappears the moment Docker Desktop stops. I think someone already find how the services were started, but I couldn’t find it. Since that was many versions ago, it is also possible that the configuration has changed or I don’t remember correctly. Unfortunately these configurations were not meant to be set from the command line