Can't find download link for docker desktop

I tried installing docker desktop via chocolatey, but the docker it installs is completely broken (every docker command results in: Error response from daemon: i/o timeout).

So I went to and clicked “Download desktop for mac or windows”. This brings me to https-hub-docker-com (I can’t post links because I’m a “new user”, so I’ll modify links enough to satisfy the whims of the machine)

I’m guessing that I click “Get started with docker desktop” next. This pops up a window with “Download Docker”, which I click. This brings me to https-docs-docker-com/install/

If I scroll down enough, there’s a link called " [Docker Desktop for Windows (Microsoft Windows 10)", which takes me to https-docs-docker-com/docker-for-windows/install/

From there, I see a link called “Download from Docker Hub”. Clicking that brings me back to https-hub-docker-com/?overlay=onboarding with the same “Download Docker” button as before, which then brings me back to https-docs-docker-com/install/

And round and round we go!