Centos7 cannot find docker

Good Day to you all. I am working on a home lab to build and learn docker. I have setup 2 Linux Centos7 systems and when I try to run the sudo docker pull. It is unable to find a repository.

Is it because there is no more repository for centos 7?

Thank you.

Well, if you don’t show what you want to pull, how could we what the problem is? :slight_smile:

You can find the supported images on docker Hub and the tags on thew “Tags” tab. You can even search for tags there.

I understand you want to see what I am doing. Thing is I posted this while at work and not at my home office.

If I run the following command in my CentOS7 Linux box.

sudo docker pull

Nothing is found and docker is not installed for me to use. It was my understanding that as long as I had a working internet connection (which I do) then by running the “docker pull” command I should be able to download and install docker and start using it. if that is not the case, what command am I missing to pull down a compatible version of the docker program?

I am following the process found at the following site

Thank you.

Wait. You want to install Docker by running the docker command that you have after installing Docker?

The page you linked shows the right and official way to install Docker on CentOS, but you can install it from a repository if that is still valid on your CentOS. USe the “from package” way only if the repository way doesn’t work.

docker pull is to download a docker image, from which you can run a container. Just running the docke rpull command without aguments, nothing will happen. You need to pass a docker image name.

Recommended links to learn the basics and concepts:

The last link is (currently) about Docker Desktop which is Docker CE in a virtual machine whith a GUI.

Thank you I will review the documentation you have listed there. I have been able to follow some of the steps using podman commands opposed to docker.

Your information has been helpful.