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Change default networking from "Host-only Network" to bridged with VB provider

(Salam Y. ELIAS) #1

When the default machine is started in the terminal, it adds or use a Host-only Network adapter.
I need this default VM to communicate to other machines rather that only with the host, how this can be done?

(Salam Y. ELIAS) #2

while doing some search in, I came across this for VB provider

To customize the host only adapter, you can use the --virtualbox-hostonly-cidr flag. This will specify the host IP and Machine will calculate…

It does not indicate how to change and not use virtualbox-hostonly

(Salam Y. ELIAS) #3

Can somebody from Docker team respond by YES or NO if this feasible so we can stop our efforts

I am wondering if this forum is dead or alive, since 10 days, I posted a couple of messages and it seems nobody is taking care of this forum

(Mano Marks) #4

@eliassal Please clarify what you’re trying to achieve. By default a Docker Machine using the VirtualBox driver will have an IP address and is available to apps outside it.

(Salam Y. ELIAS) #5

Mano, when using Kitematic, a linux machine is cretaed called “default” and the process creates a “Host-Only adaptateur” with network subnet, the default machine gets an IP of
Only the hosting windows machine (which is on my subnet ( can communicate with this adresse, for example, when I spin a mailhog container, I can do and it works fine but I can not do, it does not work as the container is inside the linux machine.

What I need to do is change network adapter to something different than “Host-Only adaptateur” , lets say, virtualbox terminology, Bridged or nat as other VMs running under virtualbox so all my machines in the subnet can communicate with the container.

The "Host-only adapter allows only communication between the VM and the host. I tried to do a workaround by using IP forwarding between the 2 subnets on the hosting machine but it seems that routing in win 10 does not work (confirmation on one of the technet forums)
Thanks for your help

(Apquinn) #6

I have exactly the same question. Has this been answered?

(Tftcoelho) #7

Have you tried this approach?
This is about port forwarding. I guess you may try to add a new port forwarding rule to the port 8585.
Please tell how it worked for you.

I’ve tried this but couldn’t fix the problem