Docker quickstart creates new host-only adapter then network connection is lost

I am new to docker. It looks promising, but I am stuck even getting operational. I am using Windows 8.1 Enterprise.
The basic problem is when launching the Docker Quickstart Terminal, the output shows that it starts the ‘default’ vm and then informs me that:

(default) The host-only adapter is corrupted. Let’s stop the VM, fix the host-only adapter and restart the VM.

After some time Docker starts up, but my machine (my host pc) has lost network connectivity. I have to re-boot to resolve this. Has anyone else experienced this?

I checked in VirtualBox network settings and it has a default host-only adapter. However, every time i launch quickstart, it appears to be creating a new one each time. (VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter #2, …#3, …#4, etc.). I am assuming that quickstart does not like the way the default host-only adapter is configured and attempts its own configuration which is messing with my machine’s connection…?

If this is correct, what is the suggested way to configure my adapter? Any suggestions? Other than use linux I guess :wink:

I am facing the same issue and its April 2017. You were able to solve it?
Any suggestions/tips?

This is screwing my project effort and I am tackling Docker issues rather than solving real world problems.