Docker toolbox container network help!

Hi Everyone, I’m new and have hopefully a simple question!

I’m also new to docker as well, so please forgive my ignorance…

I have Docker toolbox installed on my Windows 10 machine which created a “default” VM that runs in Virtualbox.

Within Virtualbox, I created a vlan subnet My default machine is connected to that subnet and has a IP.

I also have two other VMs running in Virtualbox which are connected to the same subnet.

What I’m trying to do, is get my containers running in my docker “default” host to connect to the Virtualbox subnet so the containers can communicate with the other VMs running along side the “default” machine in virtualbox. Right now they’re all currently connected to a default bridge network.

I would like all my containers to obtain IPs from the Virtualbox subnet and am wondering what’s the easiest way to accomplish this.

Thank you in advance for the help!

EDIT: When I NAT my adapter on the “default” docker host I get an error when I launch docker toolbox. So what is the best method to allow these containers access to the host subnet???

What are you using docker to run, it would be easier to help you if we undetstand what you trying to accomplish.

This is my personal preference:
And also, if you not need windows services inside docker. Change the OS to linux, easier to get help using linux to host docker than get help using windows. Its way more people who use linux, than windows.

Install ubuntu, inside virtualbox and host docker inside that.