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Change in naming of .deb packages for docker 1.12.4+

From version 1.12.3 to 1.12.4 there has been a change in how packages are named. In previous version just the codename of the linux distribution was used but from 1.12.4 also the distribution name is used.

Does anyone have a good explanation for this change?

There is more than 1 distro with the same package name…

But they are for different architectures (amd64 and armhf), so this might or should have been done earlier. The version 1.12.3 have two times jessie and trusty, one for each architecture.

As you can see above, starting with 1.12.4 there is 2 different distro’s with ‘-jessie_armhf’, debian and raspbian…

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I can see it now. But normally different distro’s have different codenames.