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Change VM specs & storage base on Windows 7


I would like to have the default VM specs increased for beefier workloads. This post outlines for OSX. I do get a second docker-machine running but can’t seem to get to use it. When I run the quick terminal, it starts up the default machine and I couldn’t get the docker command to use my custom machine.

Also, I would like to move the storage base to another drive (where the docker images and containers will go). Can’t find any info other than for linux hosts.

Thanks in advance.

Few months old now but i hit this problem today and followed the blog you linked to to get around this. My machine is running docker toolbox on windows 10.
Edit the file C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox\ at line 60ish.
Replace “${DOCKER_MACHINE}” create -d virtualbox $PROXY_ENV "${VM}"

VB_OPTS="–virtualbox-disk-size 100000 --virtualbox-cpu-count 4 --virtualbox-memory 8092"
"${DOCKER_MACHINE}" create -d virtualbox $VB_OPTS $PROXY_ENV “${VM}”

if you already have a default machine created you will need to delete it. Now when you run the quick start terminal it will create a new vm with 8gb ram 100gb hdd and will use 4 processors.

Hope that helps