CI - Node Native Modules for Windows


Disclaimer: I am a noob, this will read like a noob-question.

I am building a Node application that requires a native node module. I would like to use Docker for continuous integration and have followed through a couple tutorials, but I am still missing some pieces and don’t fully understand how to accomplish this for the Windows platform.

I believe I will need to create a Docker Image for Windows that has:

  • Visual Studios Build Tools
  • Node
  • Git
  • Python (I’m assuming)

Perhaps I can use these windows-build-tools.

I also understand that I’ll need to use a Windows machine (or Windows in a VM, I am using a Mac) to create this Docker Image, correct?

Am I barking up the wrong tree? If, I am on the right track, can I create a Docker Image on Windows 10 that will run on Windows Server? How much pain am I looking at to get a VM running with Docker installed?

Thank you in advance.