Communicating with other devices on the local network

I’m using a ubuntu-based image inside Docker to get access to the dev tools I need, and need to be able to connect to a device on my local network inside the container itself. I can find plenty of documentation on connecting to the host Mac but not other devices on the same network. Any advice?

Yes: just try, it should work. A container should be able to reach what the host is able to reach (unless of course a firewall prevents it)

I have tried hence the thread. Anything I should check? The device is reachable from the terminal outside of Docker but not inside the container.

That should work by default. Without more information about your environment a “Jolly Joker” idea is having a proxy or vpn, anything that routes traffic differently based on where it is coming from. Otherwise it is just local network. Docker Desktop will not block the traffic intentionally. Make sure the subnet of the virtual machine of Docker Desktop or the docker networks are not colliding with your LAN network.