Communication with networking components failed

Expected behavior

Application should install

Actual behavior

Does not


Would love to run pinata diagnose -u but as installation fails there is no such command available. Would be great to have it as standalone, possibly in homebrew

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Had the same issue with runaway disk space usage as other people e.g. see

Nuked ~/Library/Application Support/Docker

Starting from command line with sudo:

1464346919617563904 com.docker.docker Application version: 1.11.1-beta13 (7975)
1464346919657596160 com.docker.docker OSX Version: Version 10.11.6 (Build 15G7b)
1464346919808393984 com.docker.docker migrator: start migration process
1464346919815919872 com.docker.docker migrator: previous install detected
1464346919816494848 com.docker.docker migrator: previous version is 1.11.1-beta13
1464346919816532224 com.docker.docker migrator: no migration needed, you are good to go!
1464346919816537856 com.docker.docker migrator: end of migration process
1464346919840702976 com.docker.docker event tracker initialized
1464346919847782144 com.docker.docker Limited access: checking...
1464346920100108032 com.docker.docker Bundle path: /Users/admin/.Trash/
1464346920114694144 com.docker.docker privileged installation of com.docker.vmnetd successful
1464346920114916096 com.docker.docker Communication with networking components failed.

Running from a user account with admin rights has same issue. Installation of network components falls short and I get subsequent error dialog with “Communication with networking components failed”. Suggestion to look into console for messages with sender “Docker” reveals nothing.