Composer install and other write operations are very slow in container - Docker native on Windows

Hello Community,

what can I do to speed up my composer install and other write operations in my docker container?
Its only slow when I write to volumes but docker runs native on my windows it should be fast, right?

I have a apache-php5.6 container and a mysql container. Only official images.
In my apache container i installed composer and npm as well to build my app.

I mounted /var/lib/mysql to my mysql container to persist database data.
In my apache-php container I mounted my app to /var/www/html

Everything works but when I want to build my app via Shell docker exec -it containerID bash and composer / npm then its very slow in that apache-php container. What can I do to speed write operations up?

Thanks in advanced for help.

I’ve the same issue…

On another ubuntu laptop, my build takes 1:30 minutes, on win10 laptop takes 9 minutes.

I’ve tried to change storage driver from aufs to overlay, the performance has improved a little bit

Anyone help us?

Many thanks