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Composite development image

(Tkircsi) #1

Dear All!

I’m new to Docker. I’d have a question about how to create a composite image.

What I’d like to do is an image which contains the following apps.

  1. OpenJDK 8
  2. JBoss wildfly
  3. IBM WebSphere App server
  4. IBM WebSphere MQ

My question is…

  1. Do I have to RUN setup for every app above in the Dockerfile?
  2. There are standalone images for openjdk, wildfly… Can I merge images inside Dockerfile?

What is the preferred way to do this composite image with Docker?


(David Maze) #2



Three separate images, one each with JBoss, WAS, and MQ. At least for the IBM software, IBM has published many of their products as Docker images, so I wouldn’t even build a custom image here; I would use Docker Compose to build a composite application out of prebuilt images.

(Tkircsi) #3

Hello David!

Thanks! I’ve neve used this Docker Composed, but I’ll check it.