Composite development image

Dear All!

I’m new to Docker. I’d have a question about how to create a composite image.

What I’d like to do is an image which contains the following apps.

  1. OpenJDK 8
  2. JBoss wildfly
  3. IBM WebSphere App server
  4. IBM WebSphere MQ

My question is…

  1. Do I have to RUN setup for every app above in the Dockerfile?
  2. There are standalone images for openjdk, wildfly… Can I merge images inside Dockerfile?

What is the preferred way to do this composite image with Docker?




Three separate images, one each with JBoss, WAS, and MQ. At least for the IBM software, IBM has published many of their products as Docker images, so I wouldn’t even build a custom image here; I would use Docker Compose to build a composite application out of prebuilt images.

Hello David!

Thanks! I’ve neve used this Docker Composed, but I’ll check it.